Services: for Public Sector, Charities & Education

Working with local government, charities, schools and colleges to address complex challenges

Central to Carvil's activities is its in-depth knowledge of the public sector and its track record using in using real estate to transform services in complex environments. Carvil has an-in depth understanding of how local government works and the importance of working with officers, politicians and key stakeholders in tandem to deliver innovative real estate propositions and to provide imaginative and entrepreneurial solutions to complex challenges.  Carvil has established a strong track record working with local councils, charities, schools and colleges to help provide innovative regeneration solutions.

Services that Carvil can provide include the following:

  • Site specific political and stakeholder intelligence;
  • Community engagement with local amenity groups, local businesses, resident organisations and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Political engagement with key politicians within the relevant planning authority and the Greater London Authority, including relevant Cabinet Members, officers and ward councillors;
  • Preparation of presentation material for public exhibitions, public meetings and one-to-one meetings
  • Production of press releases and management of media;
  • Organise public exhibition and public meetings as appropriate;
  • Production of the Statement of Community Involvement;
  • Organising post-submission communications;
  • Community and political engagement during  the construction phase