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Carvil has worked with leading organisations real estate companies within both the public & private sectors. See what its clients and partners have to say about working with Carvil.

  • Carvil Ventures provides its clients with first-rate political intelligence and a depth in its relationships with politicians, officers and key stakeholders alike that is first class. They have displayed some very intuitive and insightful solutions, in assisting us to resolve some seemingly intractable planning issues.”

    Jamie Ritblat - Chairman & CEO

    "Carvil has brought a real focus to our consultation work on the redevelopment of Stoney Street.  They have ensured that we have met all the key local stakeholders and ensured a constructive two-way dialogue has been maintained throughout the preparation of the planning application.”

    George Walsh-Waring - Principal

  • Carvil Ventures played a key role and was instrumental in securing planning consent for the first phase of our aspiration for student residences and a new campus at Canada Water. This involved persuading Southwark Council of the regenerative benefits of the new campus and engaging with the Canada Water community to achieve the local community’s proactive approval.

    Carvil Ventures also played a key role with Southwark Council and the local community in securing planning consent for the redevelopment of 127-143 Borough High Street for a mixed use hotel, retail and residential scheme to act as a catalyst for the regeneration of the High Street. I have greatly enjoyed working with them in delivering these key projects.

    Ralph Luck - Real Estate Development Director

    "Carvil’s help and advice has been invaluable in bringing forward our plans on Blackfriars Road.  They have a real understanding of how to unlock potential which is at the core of successful real estate development."

    Peter McKenna - Head of Development

  • We employed Carvil Ventures Ltd on our strategic high profile scheme in Southwark, The Music Box. Carvil provided invaluable services steering the community and political engagement aspects of the pre-planning and planning application processes in a firm yet friendly and efficient manner. Working closely with residential neighbours, commercial occupiers, councillors and Council Officers, Carvil facilitated a flow of communication, which enabled the interested parties to participate in constructive dialogue. Particularly impressive is Carvil’s detailed understanding of other proposed and forthcoming schemes and their in-depth knowledge of key individuals. We were pleased to retain Carvil’s services at post-planning permission stage.

    Richard Smith - Development Director

    Carvil Ventures has provided an excellent and responsive service. Public Relations on planning applications is now an essential element in any planning submission and it is always important to get the right team onboard early. Carvil Ventures has meticulously designed a PR strategy to engage in all stakeholders in the community in the right format to suit their needs. The pleasant and friendly atmosphere, which is associated with every meeting and event is a testimony to the preparation, understanding and delivery of their approach.

    Mark Jackson - - Principal Planner

  • Carvil Ventures excels at innovative thinking. The emphasis is on action and results, and knowing how to pull all the various strands of a strategy together in order to achieve the best outcome for a planning application. A source of current, incisive and relevant knowledge, Carvil is a trusted advisor.

    Mark Morris - Managing Director

    Carvil Ventures provided us with clear focused advice that was key in us securing the Mandela Way site. It ensured that our ideas for an eco-laundry emphasised the benefits of regeneration that helped build a broad consensus for our plans. Going forward Carvil has skillfully handled consultation devising a discrete engagement programme meeting all the key stakeholders in a professional focused manner.

    Tim Kemp - Managing Director

  • I have no hesitation in recommending Carvil Ventures’ work. It has helped us to fashion key messages in taking our development projects forward providing us with first class political intelligence and practical pragmatic advise designed to make things happen.

    Trevor Morriss - Principal

    I have much appreciated the words of wisdom and advice provided by Carvil Ventures. It has used its knowledge and relationships to get us round the table with the right decision makers and that has been enormously useful giving us additional insight into how we should present our proposals to get them approved.

    William Woodward Fisher - Director

  • Kim has led the political, community and stakeholder community engagement programme to support a large mixed-use development in Southwark. Kim understands the development process and the motivations of both the local community and the local authority – this insight has been key to the development of the design. His practical and pragmatic approach to consultation has made him a very valuable member of the project team.

    Richard Johns - Partner

    It has been a great pleasure to work with Carvil Ventures. It provides a refreshing energy to stakeholder engagement delivering across the broad spectrum of real estate and providing first class advice and political intelligence to developers and their project teams. It provides an indispensable service that is essential to complex development projects.

    Rory Joyce - -

  • Carvil Ventures brings a commitment to its projects that is unique. It galvanised the public and local authority engagement activities on the Mulberry student village scheme bringing stakeholder engagement to the heart of the development process, providing real value to the project whilst supporting our client’s broader communications objectives. This contributed to an excellent outcome in the town planning process and established a strong platform for our client’s ongoing involvement in the local community."

    Mick Mannion - Managing Director

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    “Carvil Ventures provides strong political intelligence through solid relationships with the officers and key stakeholders. Always displaying enthusiasm and good humour, it provides focused advice to clients and their teams and executes tailor made engagement programmes in an efficient manner."

    -Tom Redhouse - -Operations Director

  • Working with Carvil Ventures on the Mulberry scheme was a pleasure. They displayed a real passion for development and gave genuine credibility to stakeholder engagement activities that were key in persuading Southwark of resident support for the development. I look forward to working with Carvil again.

    Alex Wraight - Partner

    "Carvil has played a key role in explaining our proposals for extra-care housing to the key stakeholders at Southwark and within the community at large. It has provided us with real insight and helped formulate an innovative solution for both ourselves and our partners that should allow us to create an almshouse for the 21st century".

    Martyn Craddock - Chief Executive

  • “We hadn’t worked with Carvil until recently.  Their service is excellent – clearly knowing their way around the London politics involved in any complicated development.  We are very much looking forward to building an on-going relationship and working on new projects together.”

    Chris Geaves - Chief Executive

    Working with Kim has ensured a positive early liaison with with the local planning authority and the wider community on a residential project we are collaborating on. Kim has an ability to engender trust with people, as he is open, honest and balanced in his communication. He also has an awareness of the right bodies to contact at the appropriate time. Thanks to Kim’s structuring of the public consultation process, the local residents’ groups and council members relevant to our project have been supportive of our proposals, rather than being a force of opposition. We look forward to seeing the application progressing smoothly

    Seth Rutt - Partner

  • We really appreciate the input Kim has brought to the projects at Queens Rd and Old Kent Rd.

    You have used your knowledge and contacts to get us round the table with the decision makers and that has been enormously useful. It has given us additional insight into how we should present our proposals to the planning authority, with regard to the amount of affordable housing that we should include. We wish you every success in building up your business.

    Nicholas Taylor - Principal

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  • Carvil Ventures has provided us with clear incisive advise in a range of development projects. It has exceeded our expectations in terms of the depth and quality of relationships with politicians, officers and key stakeholders and provides imaginative solutions to take things forward.

    Tom Sherwood - Managing Director

    Carvil has steered a number of our development projects through the political corridors and has proved an essential advisor. Their advice on presentation and process coupled with political insight and the ability to communicate directly at the appropriate level within the Council combine to form an invaluable service.

    Charles Sandy - Director

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    We are very impressed and grateful for the way that Carvil portrays and represent our company and proposals. We have noticed a massive difference between our neighbouring application to the one being prepared now with Carvil involved. Your knowledge of local requirements and of the representatives in the locality has been extremely useful. We are delighted that we were guided to Carvil who are a very important part of our team.

    Charles Kamenou - Director

  • Carvil Ventures' insight in to all things Southwark related has been invaluable in the projects that we have worked on together and the joined up solutions have enabled us to provide the optimum results for our clients whilst balancing the requirements of the local authority.

    Pascal Levine - Partner

    “Working with Carvil Ventures is an absolute pleasure. Key meetings and introductions are made easily and start with a friendly and open atmosphere which makes a perfect platform to present proposals and obtain positive input from communities and council leaders. Continuing communications are made clear to everyone, making project progress a positive and collaborative experience for all.”

    Tim Gledstone - Partner, Squire & Partners


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